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Original Eco Cladding

PermaTimber® Original Eco Cladding established the benchmark in composite cladding. A sleek and modern board, it’s longevity and simple installation make it the ideal choice for any commercial or residential project. Being far lighter than traditional external timber cladding products, PermaTimber® Original Eco Cladding is faster and simpler to install. 

Once installed, PermaTimber® Original Eco Cladding requires none of the painting, staining or sanding a traditional weatherboard may require - a true ‘set-&-forget’ solution.

PermaTimber® Original Eco Cladding has been certified by CodeMark Australia.

PermaTimber CodeMark Certification

Why Choose PermaTimber® Original Eco Cladding?

  • Eco-Friendly: Made from 87% recycled materials.
  • Quick & Easy to Install: Full trim system available.
  • UV Stabilised: We've included UV stabilizers so color holds.
  • Insect Resistant: Never fear white ants or termites again.
  • Low Maintenance: No oiling, painting or staining required.

Colours Available:

PermaTimber Original Eco Cladding is available in four stylish colours:

Monaco Colour Swatch Sentosa Colour Swatch
Monaco Sentosa


Maldives Colour Swatch Amalfi Colour Swatch
Maldives Amalfi


A stunning range of custom colours are available for special order on request.

Technical Information:

PermaTimber® Original Eco Cladding Profile:

Original Eco Cladding Profile Image


Board Dimensions 150 x 21 x 5400mm
Span 600mm
Weight Per Board 10.4kg
Weight Per LM 1.9kg
Weight Per SQM 13kg
Download the PermaTimber® Cladding Spec Sheet


PermaTimber® Original Eco Cladding is also available in BAL 29 for special order.

Please Note:

Provision for adequate drainage and ventilation must be made along with the installation of a waterproof membrane / system prior to the cladding being installed

PermaTimber® contains natural timber elements. As you would be aware, timber has different natural appearances and to ensure PermaTimber® does indeed look like timber, it may also experience similar variations in colour, tone and grain. As a result of this Perma Composites® may have natural variations in each cladding board and in some instances a slight difference between sample and final colour.

The customer / installer is responsible for inspecting each cladding board for colour, finish, size and other issues prior to installation. 

Should you have a large project, it is recommended that all requirements are ordered at once to avoid any chance of colour variances.