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Composite Bearers

Our eco-friendly composite bearers can be installed onto any surface.

Easily install decking over pavers or concrete slab.

PermaTimber® Composite Bearers are made from 87% recycled materials and provide the same long-lasting benefits of PermaTimber® decking. You can be assured each composite bearer is uniform in size and is 100% straight, making installation much easier. 

PermaTimber® Composite Bearers will provide you with the complete eco-friendly, low maintenance lifestyle area. PermaTimber® Composite Bearers are designed to be installed directly onto existing hard surfaces, such as concrete, paving or slab. 

Composite Bearers can also be installed on soft surfaces such as soil, sand or grass, provided the area has been compacted and bricks, pavers or concrete slabs are placed periodically beneath the bearers at every 600mm.

PermaTimber® Composite Bearers are secured to the substrate with specially designed bearer clips and an appropriate screw.

Technical Information:

Dimensions: L: 4800mm W: 50mm H: 100mm

Span: 600mm