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146 Heavy Grain Decking

PermaTimber® 146 Heavy Grain solid decking board gives you that traditional timber finish without any of the maintenance. 

With a life span of over 20 years and a simple to install fixings system, this is the perfect alternative to natural timber. 

 The boards offer a unique, fully reversible design, with a choice of heavy grain or sanded finishes. 

Image of the Heavy Grain and Natural Sanded Finishes






 Why choose PermaTimber®146 Heavy Grain Solid Decking:

permatimber 146 decking benefits

PermaTimber® 146 Heavy Grain Solid Decking is supplied in four contemporary colours. 

146 Decking Colour Swatches, Amalfi, Mykonos, French Oak and Walnut



Max. Commercial Span

Max. Residential Span







PermaTimber® contains natural timber elements. As you would be aware, timber has different natural appearances and to ensure PermaTimber® does indeed look like timber, it may also experience similar variations in colour, tone and grain.

As a result of this Perma Composites® may have natural variations in each decking board and in some instances a slight difference between sample and final colour.

The customer / installer is responsible for inspecting each decking board for colour, finish, size and other issues prior to installation. 

Should you have a large project, it is recommended that all requirements are ordered at once to avoid any chance of colour variances.