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Need a 3kPa or 5kPa boardwalk installed economically and quickly?

Look no further than Perma Composites® modular RapidDeck boardwalk and walkway system, design for use in all environments including wetlands, remote access areas and heritage sites.

PermaStruct® is Australia’s number one FRP company. Number one for expertise, product range, customer service and experience. We can lean on over 20 years of know-how in the composites industry to help you solve your design, engineering and construction challenges.

Our bespoke boardwalks are designed and constructed to suit all environments including coastal, fixed, floating, inland waterways, parks and spectacular coastal paths. PermaTimber® low maintenance boardwalks are also ideally suited to remote, harsh locations where access for maintenance is an issue.

Diamond Pier foundations allow low impact construction of recreational structures in parks, preserves and wild lands. With Diamond Pier’s non-destructible technology, boardwalks, stairways, bridges, pavilions and overlooks can be built in sensitive environments with minimal site disturbance. Save time and equipment costs, reduce erosion and compaction, and preserve the integrity of existing soils, native vegetations and the natural flow of groundwater on your next project.

PermaTimber® decking is perfect for your commercial project