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Composite Screening

Natural timber fencing and timber screening can add style and luxury to a property, but it doesn’t last. Constant sanding and re-oiling is demanded to keep it maintained and looking good, these type of demands are time consuming and costly.

PermaTimber® Screening maintains its style and luxurious feel without ever needing to be sanded back and oiled. Quick to install, PermaTimber® Screening can be easily installed into your residential home or commercial property. 

Why Choose our PermaTimber® Screening?

Screening Benefits

PermaTimber® Screening is a sleek, modern composite timber, with a natural wood finish. Made from 87% recycled materials, it is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to costly timber products. 

PermaTimber® Screening can be used for fencing, privacy screens, garden screens and gates - and you will never have to worry about re-oiling or staining again!

Measuring 68 x 17 x 4800mm, the PermaTimber® Screening can be installed just like natural timber, vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. 

Our composite timber screens are available in four stylish colours:

Custom colours and profiles are available for special order on request. 

PermaTimber® contains natural timber elements. As you would be aware, timber has different natural appearances and to ensure PermaTimber® does indeed look like timber, it may also experience similar variations in colour, tone and grain.

As a result of this Perma Composites® may have natural variations in each screening profile and in some instances a slight difference between sample and final colour.

The customer / installer is responsible for inspecting each screening profile for colour, finish, size and other issues prior to installation. 

Should you have a large project, it is recommended that all requirements are ordered at once to avoid any chance of colour variances.