Before & After: Alfresco Ceiling Transformation

Published August 21, 2018
Alfresco area with no ceiling and exposed metal battens Alfresco with QuickBoard Ceiling & Wall Lining Installed


What a transformation! Over 200m2 of QuickBoard™ Ceiling and Wall Lining was used to create this stunning outdoor area. 

The job was completed by the wonderful team at Timberlast WA. Their client wanted to replace an old gyprock ceiling and QuickBoard™ Ceiling and Wall Lining was the ideal solution.

QuickBoard™ Ceiling and Wall Lining is pre-finished, which means it requires no oiling, painting or staining (ever!). It's also perfect for coastal locations as it won't rot, split or crack like natural timber. 

Heres some more pictures of the finished product...

QuickBoard ceiling and wall lining installed in an alfresco 

QuickBoard installed on a patio ceiling

QuickBoard Lining installed on the eaves of a home

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