Build Your Own DIY Herb Garden Or Raised  Planter Box

This clever DIY application of our PermaTimber® 295 has turned decking into a herb haven!

This planter box was constructed out of charcoal 295 and 146 decking boards and then populated with delectable herbs, spices and veges.

To construct a similar planter box you can use any of the PermaTimber® products. The first step is to create a frame to which you can fix the boards – much like a sub frame when you are building a deck. This project used PermaStruct fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) to create the frame, to ensure that the planter box was 100% weather resistant and long lasting. This structure can also be erected using traditional material however be mindful that it won’t be resistant to weather, rotting or warping with materials such as timber or steel.

Once you have the frame in place, you can fix your boards to the frame as per normal. Start with the sides, then finish off the top as you please. Here we’ve used the PermaTimber® 146 Decking Board and cut it to size. When you are done, it’s a great idea to line the inside with geo-fabric or something similar to contain the soil.

This little innovation will grow lush produce for years, thanks to its weather proof composite materials.

If you’d like to know more about this project or if you have a special Perma Project that you’d like to share, get in touch with us at or on 1300 366 938.

Happy Permeating! [that’s Perma-creating ;)]

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